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OEM Pet Care is a long established producer of pet care products including pet supplies, dog food, cat food and dog biscuits. Our top quality pet supplies are exported to the Asian markets. OEM Pet Care prides itself in providing excellent value pet care products worldwide.

We are also the pet food division of the Connex United Processors food manufacturing group of Australia. Although quite unknown to the general public, we have been producing "Value for Money" dry kibbles, canned cat food and dog food, pet treats and grooming products in Australia for more than 20 years under well-established brands and OEM brands.

By now we would have been supplying at least 1 out of 5 Australian homes under brands such as OPCA: Super Premium All Life Stages Formulas Platinum. A La Carte 4k9; DermaPro; Masters Choice, HereBoy, Hearty Meals, My Friend, Blackdog; Vita-Bics and under numerous other well-known Australian supermarket's brands.

In Asia, we have recently launched our A La Carte Premium life cycle dog food formulas next to our popular brands such as, Masters Choice, Tucker Time, Pets Own milk in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have also established long term packing contracts in countries such as Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea under well-known national brands such as Sleeky, Jerony, Weles, Regal and Winning. Please feel free to contact us for more details about your private brand requirements or our pet formulas.

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